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The Fox & Beggar Theater invites you to step into the pages of an ancient story book. Here, you will find fairies and djinn. You will find rituals of grieving, and of enduring. You will find mad poets and ancient Shaikhs; circus tricks and magic doors; the ghost dances of dead brides and the desert songs of bird maidens. Above all, you will find a story about love.


For this is a story about love… and it begins with a King.
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Adapted from The 1,001 Arabian Nights, “Angamazad” fuses musical theater, spoken word, acrobatics, contemporary dance, cirque nouveau, and lavish artwork into a visually and sonically stunning journey.


Written and Directed by Heather Beckett

Created by Nat Allister and Heather Beckett

Original Score and Musical Production by Mr. Moo

Choreography Consultation by Alicia Cutaia & the Angamazad Ensemble

Stage Management, Rigging, and Aerial Choreography by Heidi Lajos

Technical Direction by Nat Allister

Musical Direction by Marya Stark

Costume Design by Carrie Anne Huneycutt

Set Design by Ghost Stag Productions

Prop Design by Al’Lowe


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September 22 – 24

Doors 7:00pm/ Curtain 8:00pm

126 NE Alberta St, Portland 


for updates, going-ons, and additional information, follow the show on

And don’t miss “1002: An Angamazad Afterparty” on Saturday night! The Fox & Beggar will be renting the entire Alberta Abbey for a dance party from 10:30pm till 2:00am. Tickets may be purchased here for $15, or for just $10 with the purchase of any G.A. show ticket. 




Amira Sereia
Amira Sereia is a tiny woodland Mer-faerie from the coast of Southeast Alaska. She relocated to Portland a few years ago to study dance and art. Her dance style is a fierce gooey fusion of Tribal Bellydance, Liquid dance, Pop n Lock, Ritual Theater, Waacking, Contortion, and Aerial Hoop. She's had a passion for dance and movement for as long as she can remember and began Belly dancing at the age of eight. She also has a deep artistic background as a Painter, Makeup Artist and Costume Designer.
Allie Thomas
Allie Thomas is a jocund vaudevillian witch from central Vermont. Her time is spent performing and producing private and public entertainment with Portland troupe Circus Luminescence. Aside from her active participation in the thriving northwest performance and art community, she is also a professional tarot reader, a distributor of BioGlitz biodegradable cosmetic glitter, and a volunteer at the Pagan chapel services within a local women's prison.
Bevin Victoria
Dunyazad/ Nur al-Huda
Bevin Victoria is an actress, dancer, singer and choreographer. She grew up in San Francisco, studying musical theatre and dance extensively before taking a break to pursue competitive gymnastics and martial arts. She now serves as director/choreographer of Hybrid Fusion Dance Company, as well as a member in the dance/performance companies Baksana and Allegro, and has been known to shred as a vocalist and dancer with Portland's own Sepiatonic. Outside of being part of the amazing PNW performing arts community, Bevin also enjoys practicing target archery, medieval reenactment and anything Star Wars related.
Jared Dancler
Ahmad Bamdad
Jared "Ashi" Dancler is a tall glass of Schoharie Creek water, come trickling west after stateside rambles, cooking for activists & flooded out families by stormy Sandy. Forever in the sandbox, he aims to play, plant, tend, dance, pray we hold hands to our heart's integrity, and celebrate our very human vulnerability. Ashi lives happily in southeast Portland, as a farmer, nanny & perpetual pupil.
Kamyar Jahan
Kamyar Jahan is an actor and model living in Portland. He’s played on TV shows such as Grimm, Portlandia, and Leverage, as well as Indie films such as C.O.G. This is Kamyar's first role on stage.
Marcela Bercovici
Marcela Bercovici is a self-taught Guatemalan contortionist, coach and model who recently relocated to the NW from northern Italy. She is an experienced linguist with a background in International Relations and a passionate circus artist. She spends her time with her husband, their three cats and their Chihuahua.
Marya Stark
Marya Stark is an award winning music producer and performer. She is a muse steeped in the bardic arts of storytelling, cinematic song weaving, ecstatic singing, and transformational mentorship. She is a chaser of waterfalls, a wild hearted dancer of star light, and a connoisseur of nuance. She is a guardian of the gates of mystery, and is passionate about working with women to develop their unique vocal signatures and songs of the womb.
Robi Arce
Bahram/ Achmed
Robi is a mime, clown, and physical theatre poet, holding an MFA in Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre from Dell'Arte International. Robi has performed, toured, and lead workshops in Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. His work is diverse and fueled by social justice and change. His passion is to create a physical, dynamic and poetic theatre that connects with people as sports connect with the fans.
Taffida Urban
Grandmother Bamdad/ Zubaida
Taffida Urban has been performing theater and musical performance for over 20 years in the Colorado Springs area. This will be her debut performance in Oregon. Her love of music, all things art, her soul family, partner Kyle, and sweet baby girl Kohenne are what drives her to perform with passion, love and light.
Tara Hershberger
Grandmother Aliya/ Shawahi
Tara Hershberger is an actor, musician, director and writer. She has performed with Portland Actor's Ensemble, Original Practice Shakespeare Festival, Milagro Theatre, Fuse Theatre Ensemble and others. Her play In Toxic was produced during Fertile Ground, 2016. Tara is the Studio Theater Director at St. Mary's Academy and has taught and directed at the Northwest Children's Theater, and Magik Theatre, of San Antonio, TX. She has a Masters degree in Theatre Arts with a focus in playwriting and dramaturgy from PSU. She loves to make new discoveries on stage and believes that theatre is a powerful force for community-building, creative expression, and social change.
Thomas Sommo
Thomas Sommo is a dancer, acrobat, clown, and fire performer, and has been performing, learning, and creating new works for almost ten years. He has toured internationally with Pilobolus Dance Theatre, as well as co-founded local Austin troupes Bodystrokes and Cirque Limerance. He has toured nationally and performed multiple times at the American Dance Festival.
Uriah Boyd
Uriah Boyd is a mover and musician. She's been studying dance for over ten years, and her movement is inspired by improvisation, modern dance, and dances of the African diaspora. Sonically, she is influenced by R&B, house, jazz and folk music. Uriah performs with many Portland companies and collectives, including Black Sun, Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater, and House of Aquarius. She spends most of her time with plants and children- dancing, writing, or singing- always looking for ways to weave her experiences into performance.

Angamazad Music

The entire soundtrack of “Angamazad” is composed by Milo Hayden, aka “Mr. Moo.” The show will be featuring a combination of new material and pre-existing work.

Born and raised in Portland, Mr. Moo creates beats and whompy goodness deep from within his sound dungeon. Every Mr. Moo show is live audio alchemy, performed on the spot with violin, a controller, and a hefty beat.

Find him on Soundcloud.

Angamazad Sets

All of our sets are handmade by our incredible design team, Ghost Stag Productions.

Founded by Portland couple Narayani Matson and Michael Miller, Ghost Stag brings a combined experience of design, fabrication, art curation and creative ingenuity together to create unique scenes that tell a memorable story.



Ghost Stag’s style incorporates elements of natural materials, stylized motifs, a love for crafted weathered wood, dynamic lighting and playful details, making them the perfect team to create the storybook fantasy worlds of “Angamazad.”


Art by Christian Jaxtheimer

Fox & Beggar Theater