Experience the Animal Kingdom like you’ve never seen it before…

On the docks of an unfamiliar city by the sea, a boy stumbles across a mysterious old man, who proclaims he is a peddler of dreams and memories. Over the course of six nights, the man takes the child through six fantastical dreams, mirroring the evolution of life itself: Pisces, Amphibia, Reptilia, Insectum, Mammalia, and Aves. As the dreams grow in strangeness and complexity, the man’s curious past unfolds, hurtling toward a triumphant and staggering conclusion.



In April of 2014, the Fox & Beggar debuted its premiere theatrical production, Animalia. Based on Artistic Director Allister’s poetry series The Galapagos Nocturnes (©2010 Gold Wake Press), Animalia expanded the poetry of the Nocturnes into a full-on theatrical narrative, using the six classes of animals to create a surreal and visually-striking fairy tale to lend a touch of mystery to our empirical world.Animalia small poster

Reminiscent of A Christmas Carol or Dante’s Inferno, an old man guides a young boy through six visually striking dreamworlds, following the natural order of animal evolution on the planet; Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Insects, Mammals, and Birds. Each dream teaches the boy something new about the world, as he begins to develop a curious attachment to the grandfatherly old man.

The plot turns in the second act, as the visions prove to connect to a great and terrible tragedy in the old man’s memory. Soon the audience comes to discover that he is a prisoner of his animal dreams, bound to the strange dances and performances of its characters.

Implementing dance, circus arts, mask-and-puppet theater, elaborate costuming, and a live orchestra, Animalia wove Asheville’s performing arts community together like never before, into a mind-blowing collaboration of ninety-seven artists and performers. The show broke attendance records at Asheville’s iconic Hazel Robinson Amphitheater.






“The Fox & Beggar Theater staged an amazing show, drawing the largest crowd I’ve seen in my nine years here.  In addition to dazzling special effects, the production flowed seamlessly and raised the bar on what theater can and should do.”
– John Russell, Managing Director, The Montford Park Players


production art by the Lady Octavia

Fox & Beggar Theater