Ovo: a Lunar Masquerade

OVO poster final

On June 7th, 2013, the Fox & Beggar debuted its name to Asheville in the form of Ovo: A Lunar Masquerade. The richly decorated stage conjured up ideas of a Venetian garden party– stars hung from the high ceilings, watched by an enormous paper maché full moon; a massive Roman arch framed the DJ’s booth; paper lanterns and bamboo accented the room and lit up the hundreds of gorgeous costumes. Throughout the evening, the crowd watched shadowbox dancers and flow artists, saw aerialists swinging over their heads across the room, danced to four incredible electronic musicians, and enjoyed fine teas served in the balcony lounge.

A very nice write-up of the event can be read here

This was the F&BT’s first step on the long road to the Hazel Robinson Amphitheater. Thanks so much to all the performers, artists, and everyone else who helped out.

Photography by Lee Brooks

Poster art by Madison Moore

Fox & Beggar Theater